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"chiropractic Benefits" Everything in the body depends Everything in the body depends on proper nervous system function and because if this, chiropractic care can benefit a vast range of ailments. These are just some of the most common benefits: * Acute and chronic pain relief * Arthritic joint pain relief * Relief from headaches * Decreased stiffness and muscular spasms * Decreased tissue inflammation * Enhanced tissue healing * Increased joint health * Increased mobility and range of motion * Stress reduction * Enhanced immune system * Faster recovery from trauma * Reduced degeneration and risk of injury * Postural correction * Increased balance and coordination * Enhanced energy and performance * Increased mental clarity and emotional calm * Improved sleep


Sharing The Good News About

Hartey Chiropractic


What Our Patients Say...


Volunteer Fireman "Walking on Air"!

I started using Dr. Hartey after I injured my back while volunteering in my local fire department. I couldn't walk upright at all. After two weeks of treatments I was back to work and on my way to full recovery. When I leave Dr. Hartey's office, I feel as though I'm walking on air.

         - K. B., Westbrook, NJ


Surgery Averted...

Dr. Hartey's care has saved me from unbearable pain and unwanted operations. When I first saw Dr. Hartey. I was permanently disabled and had been told I would never drive or work again! Dr. Hartey relieved enough pain to enable me to return to work and drive again. He is the most down to earth doctor I have ever met. He is caring and will go out of his way to help you achieve your goals. Even if you're not in pain, you should be adjusted regularly to prevent many conditions. Most of all, he listens to what you say. You are a person, not a number!

          - K. H., Port Jervis, NY


Forget About the Wheelchair!

I can walk, drive and do most normal activities. Without Dr. Hartey's care, I would be in a wheelchair! He is so very good and cares about his patients.

         - T. M., Port Jervis, NY


Diet, Exercise and Nutritional Care...

I would not be able to move without Dr. Hartey's chiropractic Care. He has also helped me to take better care of myself with diet, exercise and vitamins.

          - D. G., Florida, NY


Great With My Kids...

My son, Coty, has been a patient since he was 2 years old and is now 14. Dr. Hartey is the only doctor Coty would let near him!

          - J. S., Middletown, NY


"... I won't go to anyone else!"

My health improves a lot with Chiropractic Care. I don't get headaches as much and my back feels a lot better. Dr. Hartey is great, I won't go to anyone else!

         - M. E., Matamoras, PA


Headaches and Allergies Improved

With my neck adjusted, my headaches subside and my allergies are lessened during the season. The back adjustments reduce the pain in my lower abdomen, which mimic urinary track infection! Thank you, Dr. Hartey!

          - L. S., Hawley, PA


Skeptic Cured!

I first came to Dr. Ed a skeptic seven years ago. He changed all that. I discovered that Chiropractic could even cure a headache. Wow! - Thanks!

          - E. B., Port Jervis, NY


Mother of Seven Hails Chiropractic Care:

                  "...healthier lives for us all..."

I am a firm believer in Chiropractic Care, being a mother of seven and having witnessed the improved health of my whole family. The children need fewer visits to the pediatrician and my husband and I enjoy good health from Chiropractic too. Five of our seven children have orthopedic handicaps and chiropractic maintenance keeps them active and well. I have seen dramatic improvements in over all mobility. Chiropractic is a great family activity to ensure healthier lives for us all.

          - J. B., Montague, NJ


Herniated and Bulging Discs...

I have herniated and bulging discs in my neck as well as problems in my lower back. The pain can be intense at times. When it is, an adjustment at Hartey Chiropractic helps to ease the pain

         - H. V., Highland Lake, NY


Regained Abilities, Headaches Gone!

Without Dr. Hartey's talent, I wouldn't  be able to function properly. I wasn't able to stand and hold my arms up to style hair. My abilities to do regular activities are much greater when I have a visit. My overall health has improved and my headaches are gone - Thank you!

          - L. Il, Port Jervis, NY


Relieved Stress, Increased Mobility

Adjustments have released stress, relieved pain and increased mobility for me. It's always refreshing to be adjusted after a hard day of  labor intense work.

          - J. I., Port Jervis, NY


Avoided Prescription Medications

I began Chiropractic Care because I have "pulled my back out" at work. I was in severe pain but did not want to rely on Prescription medicines for the pain. Within a matter of weeks I was back to work ...and no medications! I look forward to my visits.

When my back is aligned, it seems the rest of my life is too! 

Thanks Dr. Hartey!

          - P. S., Port Jervis, NY


Care Worth Traveling 5+ Hours for...

We are about 51/2 hours drive from Dr. Hartey's office. We drive down here to get our Chiropractic Care. We only trust Dr. Hartey!

         - L. H., North Hudson, NY


Celebrating 22 Years of Service to Our  Community!


   Your Spine is as important a system as any other in your body. The nerves that serve your body travel through the spine. When misalignments occur in the spine, your health is adversely affected.

It would be our pleasure...

...to help assess your condition and work with your to establish and maintain an Optimal State of Health.


Modern Chiropractic can help correct conditions such as:

. Back paint .

. Shoulder and Arm Issues .

. Leg & Hip Pain .

. Tingling in Extremities .

. Chronic Headache .

. Sinus Issues - Digestion .

. Irregularity Problems .

- And So Much More -



Pure Poetry...


Dr. Hartey's Chiropractic Care

is the right place to be

When you're having a pain

in your back, neck or knee


When you're hurting so bad

and feeling so blue,

I know just what to do...


Go see the doctor 

With the magical hands,

With just a few movements,

you'll be feeling just grand!


This might all sound silly,

but believe me, it's true...

I know he's helped me

and I'm sure he'll help you!


So give them a call

(the staff is so sweet),

He'll have you feeling great

from your head to your feet!


- D. M., Cuddlebackville, NY