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His Chiropractor is Amazing

  Yankees center fielder, Johnny Damon, who has not spent a single day on the disabled list during his long baseball career, recently spent his day off flying down to Orlando to visit his personal chiropractor, Dr. Gerry Mattia, because of the excruciation pain in his lower back which was affecting his play. He returned to New York two days later smiling, feeling great and ready to play. "My chiropractor is amazing," he told the press, "hopefully it translates to better results on the field."

   Damon had been involved in a violent collision with another player during a game in 2003 which resulted in severe neck and back injuries. He suffered a concussion and continues to have periodic headaches and back pain that he believes are related to that collision and also to day-to-day baseball activities. Damon said that chiropractic adjustments help to relieve his pain and the headaches.

   Due to the way baseball players have to run, slide and do other things when playing, their bodies, according to Damon, "get out of whack" and "out of alignment." Chiropractic adjustments not only relieves pain that can be caused by this stress to the body but it helps the body get realigned and back on track. Damon understands that.

   According to Peter Abraham of the Home News Tribune, Damon has suggested to Yankees' general manager Brian Cashman that a chiropractor be added to the Yankees' medical team and that Cashman has agreed to have one "once or twice for every homestead." Though there is no chiropractor on the medical team now, many of the players regularly see chiropractors on their own.