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By Dr. Edward J. Hartey

   Perhaps you are asking yourself, "Why would I want to read an article about chiropractic?"

   Maybe I can answer that by asking you a question. "What do you really know about your spine?"

  Your probably know something about your heart. You may be familiar with your digestive system. It's likely that you understand proper oral hygiene and why regular dental care is essential. But if you were asked to explain spinal degeneration, vertebral subluxation, or ruptured discs, how would you respond?

   The spine houses the network of nerves that control every system, organ and cell in your body. If you learned the importance the spine plays in your body's well-being, you would be better equipped to do a whole lot more for yourself and your back.

   The spinal column forums the major part of the skeleton. Attached to it are the skull, shoulder bones, ribs and pelvis. The spine has three basic functions: support; protection and movement. It supports your skeleton, protects the spinal cord, and allows freedom of movement.

   The spine is comprised of 24 movable vertebrae and nine fused or unmovable segments. The spinal cord is housed down the middle of the vertebrae. This area is called the neural canal. The spinal cord is like the "operator switchboard" to the body. The spinal cord relays messages back and forth from the brain to muscles, blood vessels, glands, tissues and organs. It sends messages down your arms and legs.

   Misalignments of the spinal vertebrae and disc (the cartilaginous cushion that separates the bones of the spine and acts as shock absorbers) may cause irritation to the nervous system, including the nerves exiting the spine. Many ailments are directly related to pinched nerves in the spine.

   The chiropractor's job is to make sure these vertebrae stay in alignment. Research has shown that when the bones of the spine are lined up properly, the spine is 16 times stronger that when it is out of alignment. Neck pain may be caused by a bone out of place in that area.

   Spinal misalignments are called vertebral subluxations, by far the most common cause of back pain. It is occasionally referred to as a "facet syndrome." The result can be back pain, loss of mobility and jamming of adjacent vertebrae. A chiropractor can unlock that facet joints and remove the nerve interference, thus restoring mobility and eventually eliminating the pain.

   Experts estimate that eight out of then Americans will suffer from back paint at some time. Back pain is the second most common cause of time lost from work. Presently 2.5 million adults are totally disabled by this condition.

   Just because your spine is behind you, don't ignore it until it gives you a problem. We chiropractors are trying to teach people that the spine is just as important or more important than any other system in the body. we believe it is important to maintain your spine structurally. Proper structure yields proper function, the key is good health.