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Spinal Health


A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 25  No. 1

Be proactive about your health this year!


    People don't pan to fail, they fail to plan. There are many overused clichés but this is one cliché we should not overlook. While we cannot predict some health problems or accidents we could face we should still take a proactive approach to our health and wellness. Instead of just reacting to symptoms let's have a definite plan to arrive at a healthy destination.

    Would you embark on an auto trip across country without first consulting a map to plan? You would probably have a budget, a desired route, hotel reservations and estimated drive times before you started the car.

    Yet when it comes to our health too many people go through their lives without a plan to maintain a healthy weight, getting adequate exercise and keeping their body in top levels of health. Don't expect great health and wellness to come to you by accident, plan for it.

    If you plan to reach an maintain your ideal weight you will need to make changes to the ways you eat and the amount of exercise that you get.

    Where does being proactive com in? You should plan to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and get exercise every day. You should plan to limit your intake of sugar, white breads, fried foods and fatty animal proteins. You should plan to drink more water.

    To accomplish this you won't be able to just rely on popping in to a fast food joint for lunch. You will need to plan time to eat and find places in advance that offer light meals. The best plan is to prepare your own meals and bring them with you..

    You don't have to become a "gym rat" to exercise. Start by planning on fifteen to twenty minutes each day to take a brisk walk. Park in the back of the parking lot instead of circling until you find the closest spot and walk the stairs.

    Optimal health comes when your body is working exactly like it was designed to work. Removing obstructions to your health like excess weight, eating habits and spinal misalignments to name a few, allow your body to do the work it is designed to do. Chiropractic care is dedicated to getting your body working to it's fullest not just responding to symptoms.

    Do you want to develop a game plan for good health in 2011? Don't just hope for the best. Be proactive.

    Visit our office and we will work with you to make sure your health is the best it can be this upcoming year. Why would you go any longer without a true health and wellness plan?




    With modern day life demanding so much of our time, most of us either exercise too much or too little. Strenuous exercise only on weekends can be dangerous, because it subjects you to strain, sprain and injury. Walking is a moderate, well balanced exercise. It is almost impossible to over walk, Walking a little every day will prepare your body for increased strenuous exercise whenever it's required.

    Walking is a good total body exercise. It tones muscles, burns off excess energy and fat, and induces proper breathing. It gives you an opportunity to breathe in a greater quantity of fresh air and stimulates blood circulation. Walking will also induce better eating habits. Walking is one of the most natural things you can do. Therefore, it's a healthy exercise for all ages. It gives mobility, muscular coordination, and aids natural body functions.

    Why not take a nice walk today?

    Myth: Chiropractic care is just "popping" or "cracking" of the back.

    When some think of chiropractic care they think of  the spinal manipulations doctors of chiropractic perform on their patients. Sometimes they refer to this as "popping" the back. There is more that occurs than just a "pop." In fact, a successful chiropractic manipulation may not even produce a "pop."

    Doctors of chiropractic are highly educated and informed to the complex workings of the human body Therefore the chiropractic adjustments they perform on their patients are specifically and carefully planned to reach a specific result and that is to improve the health of their patient.

    Many people unwisely try to "pop" their own backs. They no doubt believe that this may have the same positive effect that chiropractic care can give. Not only is this untrue, it is dangerous. Serious damage to the spin and joints can occur.

    The goal of a Doctor of Chiropractic is not to just get the sound of a "pop" or a "crack" during the manipulation. Our goal in chiropractic manipulation is to address spinal misalignments that can lead to many symptoms including pain, stiffness and numbness.

    Simply put every function of your body is directed by the nervous system. Chiropractic manipulations allow your bodies nervous system to work ass intended. As a result these important signals reach their destination. Improved health of the facet joints of the spine by an increased nutrient supply to the joins is also achieved.

    Chiropractic care is much more than popping your back. You might be surprised at all that chiropractic care has to offer you and your family. Just ask us we are here to help.



    Neck pain, arm and shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain may not immediately present following an automobile whiplash and may not show up until months later. More immediately someone that has suffered a whiplash in an accident, especially a "minor" accident, may experience soreness and stiffness of the neck and back muscles.

    If the skeletal frame, especially the spine, has been whiplashed out of its normal position, the attached muscles will contract in an attempt to pull the skeleton back into normal alignment. We become aware of these contracted muscles by the symptoms of soreness and stiffness.

    As our bodies attempt to adapt to the injury, the soreness and stiffness may lessen so we are no longer consciously aware of it. But now other symptoms may gradually start to appear such as occasional headaches, numbness in a finger or toe, nervousness irritability, etc.

    Then one day, months and perhaps even years later, we bend over to put on a shoe, pick up a handkerchief, pull on a door and PAIN APPEARS, it seems, for no apparent reason!

    Just as crooked teeth need mechanical help (braces) to be realigned, so does the spine following a whiplash. And the sooner the better.

    If you know of someone who has been involved in an accident where they "walked away", but could have sustained a whiplash, please suggest they call our office now for an appointment.