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A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 21  No.3



   My back hurts when I walk even when I talk! It hurts when I sit; when I stand; when I'm lying in bed; when I work, lift, push, pull or jerk.

   Living with back pin is somewhat like living with sunburn or a broken bone. It may be tolerable, but at the same time, miserable. However, the discomfort associated with a sunburn or a broken bone generally does not last very long, while the nagging back pain can go on and on for years!

   The causes of backache may be numerous, with the majority being the result of falls or injuries which cause distortions to the spine such as abnormal curving or twisting.

   Minor distortions (subluxations) may exist for years with little or no apparent symptoms. Then when we are subjected to prolonged physical or emotional stresses, accidents or on-the-job injuries, the nagging backache or severe back pain begins.

   Most of us can accept that the back pain experienced by a pregnant woman is caused by the additional weight of her unborn child pulling her spine forward causing her back muscles to contract as they attempt to hold and /or pull the spine back into a balanced position. It should then be equally acceptable that the majority of back problems are also the result of spinal distortions or subluxations and when these distortions are corrected with gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine, the nagging backache or back pain will be relieved.

   Did you know chiropractic care is covered by most health insurance plans? Please check with your health insurance provider or give us a call, we are always glad to help!

   Back pain does not have to be "lived with." Call our office NOW for an appointment. You could be saying goodbye to your unwelcome back pain!


   With modern-day life demanding so much of our time, most of us either exercise too much or too little. Strenuous exercise only on weekends can be dangerous because it subjects you to strain, sprain and injury. Walking is a moderate, well balanced exercise. It is almost impossible to over-walk and walking a little every day will prepare your body for increased strenuous exercise whenever it's required.

   Walking is a good total-body exercise. It tones muscles, burns off excess energy and fat, and induces proper breathing. It gives you an opportunity to breathe-in a greater quantity of fresh air and stimulates blood circulation. Walking will also induce better eating habits. 

   Walking is also one of the most natural things you can do. Therefore, it's a healthy exercise for all ages. It gives mobility, muscular coordination, and aids  natural body functions.


   After being involved in a minor accident, and because we didn't sustain any cuts and bruises or fractures, we come away thankful that we "weren't really hurt."

   In reality, sometimes weeks or months later, we begin to experience symptoms of headaches, backaches, pain, numbness, etc. that we never had before. 

   Following one of these bloodless, fractureless  types of injuries, it is not unusual for the injured to be told that the lingering discomfort (like their bruises and abrasions) will soon pass. And when the discomfort doesn't pass or go away by itself, we are told, "You'll just have to learn to live with it."

   The skeletal frame of the human body is somewhat like the structural frame of an automobile. If the frame of the auto has been bent or misaligned, it may not be r4adily apparent to the owner, especially after the dents and scratches have been removed. But months later, we notice that tires are ruined by uneven wear due to the misalignment of the car frame.  

   Accidental injuries caused by lifting, straining, slipping, falling, being hit, knocked down, whiplash, etc., will very often jar or pull the spine out of it's normal alignment, squeezing or pinching nerves.

   Left untreated, these so-called minor injuries can become chronically severe and disabling. Also if not reported immediately and attended to within a reasonably short period of time, treatment costs become the responsibility of the injured (you). 

   Chiropractic treatment of these types of injuries is covered by most accident insurance policies. To substantiate the injury, everyone involved in these types of injuries should have their spine checked. The sooner - the better.

Help Prevent A Back Attack
Tell Jack to Lift With His Legs and Not His Back!

   Improper lifting is a major contributing factor in back strain/sprain injuries. Proper lifting is accomplished by lifting with the legs while keeping the back straight and holding the object to be lifted close to the body. If you have lifted improperly, call us - we can help!

Steps to Safe Lifting

1. Stand close to the load with your feet wide apart.
2. Squat down, bending at the hips and knees.
3. As you grip the load, arch your lower back inward by pulling your shoulders back and sticking your chest out.
4. Keep the load close to your body while you lift. The closer the load is to your body, the less pressure it exerts on your back.
5. When you set the load down, squat down, bending at the hips and knees, keeping your lower back arched in.