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                                                                     Volume 22  No.1



Arm and Shoulder Pain

    A large percentage of arm and shoulder pain has its origin in the neck where the nerves originate that supply the shoulder and arm.

    These cervical or neck branches of nerves which supply the shoulder and arm can become pinched or irritated due to subluxated or misaligned vertebrae in the neck. When this occurs, there may be little or no pain in the neck, but the swollen or inflamed nerves can also be irritated while sleeping when the weight of the upper body is being supported by the shoulder.

    If the shoulder joint is normal and healthy, we should be able to make a complete circle at the shoulder with our arm.

When this and other movements are restricted , we may not only experience pain but also may be unable to do life's everyday simple tasks.

    The first hint of any potential shoulder and arm problems may be stiffness and/or pain in the neck, followed by pain in the shoulder and arm when doing something as common as putting on a shirt/blouse or shampooing our hair. Prolonged holding of the neck in a bent or unusual position can also aggravate spinal nerve pressure on the nerves in the neck, down the arms and into the hands. This irritation can make it impossible to grip things or perform some of the simplest tasks. Drugs or massage may give temporary relief, but it's necessary to adjust the spine to remove the cause of the nerve pressure or irritation.

    As Doctors of Chiropractic, we are trained to gently realign the spine to safely treat symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling. Removing the pressure as soon as possible decreases the chance of permanent nerve damage.

    Prolonged spinal nerve pressure in the neck can lead to bursitis, arthritis, weakness in the muscles and even partial paralysis. Don't be fooled by the degree of discomfort! Slight numbness, stiffness or pain can sometimes accompany a more serious muscle spasm from overdoing it last weekend. If spinal nerve pressure is the main cause of the problem, spinal adjustments will bring quick relief and will remove the underlying cause.

    So, if you or someone you work with or a family member has been experiencing arm and shoulder pain, suggest they call us. relief may only be a phone call away!




    It's so simple! You go to the dentist for regular check - ups to get your teeth cleaned and restored. Do you go back? Of course! Why should your spine, and spinal nerves, be any different? Because of the many daily stresses the spine is subjected to, it too requires regular check - ups to keep you healthy and pain-free. 

    Our bodies may send us signals, in the form of a sore shoulder or headaches, indicating the need for a spinal check - up. Aches and paints are not normal! If you ignore these signals by refusing to listen to your body's complaints, or if you remove the signal with drugs, a vital function may fail.

    Both emotional and physical stresses can produce misalignments of the spine. Physical stresses can result from slips, falls, car accidents, etc. Prolonged or repetitive emotional stress can cause spinal misalignments due to abnormal contractions of the spinal muscles in the neck and back.

    If you place the full pressure of your foot on a water hose with the water running, you stop or reduce the flow of water. Misaligned vertebrae can interfere with the flow of nerve energy in a similar way. With pressure on nerves, much like the water hose, you may be getting a reduced flow of nerve energy causing numbness or weakness. If the pressure is severe enough, it may cause aches and pains within your body.

    Most of us don't wait until our teeth hurt before we visit the dentist. We make appointments for regular check - ups to help prevent any discomfort or disease. The same philosophy applies to chiropractic check - ups to help prevent discomfort or disease. In the disease state, pain is the last signal to appear, but the first thing to go. After the pain is gone, we still need regular check - ups.

   Help yourself live a longer healthier and pain - free life! Stay in the habit of regular chiropractic check - ups. Call us today for an appointment!




This year think first of someone else.

Seek out a forgotten friend.

Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth

Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.

Write a love letter. Share some treasures.

Keep a promise. Find the time

Gladden the heart of a child.

Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy.

Welcome a stranger.

Apologize if you were wrong. 

Be thankful for what you are and what

Listen. Try to understand. 

you have  whether  it is great or small.

Examine your demands on others. 

Mend a quarrel. Give a soft answer.

Appreciate. Be kind - be gentle.

Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.


These are but inklings of a vast category, a mere scratching of the surface.

These are simple things. You have heard them all before. But their influence has never been measured. This year they can change your life.




    One of the basic laws of the body which is necessary to maintain health is the law of exercise or movement.

    There is a saying that "what we don't use, we lose." If we were to put an arm in a sling and leave it there for a period of  years, we would literally begin to lose the use of it.

    To help maintain the body in a normal state of health, every joint should be moved every way that it will move until a feeling or tiredness is experienced.

    In addition to moving all of the joints of the body, taking a brisk 20 to 30 minute walk at lunch time or in the evening after work will help relieve stress, lower cholesterol levels, control weight, strengthen the cardiovascular system and help normalize blood pressure.

    A good rule for walking or any other exercise is: you should be able to talk while you walk. If you can't talk, you need to slow down.

    Wear good walking shoes and walk naturally with your chin up, stomach in and with a natural swing to your arms.

    Walking a bunch after lunch will help your digestion, and will also relieve that tired, sleepy feeling.

    Your afternoons will be more productive than ever!