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Spinal Health


A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 22  No. 5


Fall Sports Time!

   It is the season of the aggressor. Watch the feet and arms and pigskin fly over the cold hard dirt. Smell the seat. Hear the crack of helmets and shoulder pads smashing against each other and the painful groans of injured players. Football is back with all its physical force and potential to injure and disable anyone who plays.

   It's also a high dollar industry with a sometimes negative reputation. Football can be dangerous and in its early history, was almost banned because of related deaths. From a chiropractic standpoint, playing football can be considered one of those destructive forces that act on your body and challenge its ability to heal itself because of the continuous physical demands.

   Even with superior conditioning, accidents and injuries will occur. All injuries such as back and neck strain, dislocated joints, and muscle spasms need to be taken seriously7 by the professional athlete and the younger players because their bodies are their futures. Many Olympic and professional athletes, including Joe Montana, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Wade Boggs, are great athletes that have used chiropractic care.

   Golf superstar, Tiger Woods, is an example of what the benefits of chiropractic care can offer an athlete. Tiger Woods has stated, "lifting weights and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer."

   Chiropractic Economics reported that over 95% of teams in the NFL use chiropractors as a regular part of player care.

   Body balance and function are perfectly addressed by chiropractic care which works to keep the body healthy and full-functioning by making sure the bones in the back are lined up properly and are in the right position.

   The health of the bones in the back and the protected spinal cord and attached nerves is critical. This complicated network of nerves branch out from the spinal skeleton to control all muscles, tissues, and functions in the body.

   The fitness of the spinal cord and nervous system is the most important thing. Why? The reason is that any damage to the spinal cord or nervous system could cause a breakdown in the function of the corresponding tissues that the nerves supply. This could mean the heart or lungs, the muscles of the quarterback's throwing arm, or the muscles and ligaments of the lineman's mighty hips, legs and shoulders.

   What appears to be any kind of sprain or muscle strain really needs to be investigated by a chiropractor, particularly if the back is involved and if the injury happens more than once. We understand the destructive forces of playing football and the constructive forces of a properly healing and properly functioning body thanks to chiropractic.




   A 4 year old retrospective claims data analysis comparing more than 700,000 health plan members with an additional chiropractic coverage benefit and 1 million members of the same health plan without the benefit concluded that access to managed chiropractic care may reduce overall health care expenditures.

   This reduction occurred through several effects, including (1) positive risk selection; (2) substitution of chiropractic for traditional medical care, particularly for spine conditions; (3) more conservative, less invasive treatment profiles; and (4) lower health service costs associated with managed chiropractic care.

   The reason that most insurance companies cover chiropractic care is that it is proving to not only be beneficial to the patients, but to the bottom line of insurance costs.

   If you are not sure whether your insurance company covers chiropractic care, ask you human resources manager or contact us and we will help any way we can.

   Please give us a call today with any question.




   Chiropractic is the world's largest drugless healing profession.


   Most of us acknowledge that there is a time and place for drugs, especially in time of great pain and suffering. However when drugs are used regularly over an extended period of time to mask or to temporarily relieve the symptoms, they may do more harm than good.

   An example would be taking drugs for recurring toothache pain instead of filling the cavity, or taking drugs for recurring headache pain or joint pain without removing the "cause". Chiropractic works to remove causes, gently and naturally.

   The human body has amazing self-healing systems that just need to be allowed to do their work. Chiropractic allows the signals of the nervous system to travel to where they need to go to get the much needed information to your body's many parts.

   For natural healing, let the power of Chiropractic care work for you.




   In the beginning, when our knees start to hurt, we figure they'll get better on their own. And, sometimes, they seem to.

   But what if knee pain keeps coming back or seems to switch from one nee to the other? Right away, we think we should go have our knees checked. What we may not know is that our knees are not the "culprits" of the pain; they are "victims"!

   Picture this. What if you had to stand with one foot in a hole for an hour? Or if you had your toes up hill and your heels down hill for a week? It hurts just thinking about it....

   Imagine the stress on the body that these unbalanced postures would cause. Hips would be shoved to keep your upright. The spine would be forced to go crooked to keep the heat erect.

   The results would vary as to what hurt worse, or what hurt first, but, very likely, the knees would end up involved. Luckily, few people are forced to endure any of the imbalanced postures mentioned above.

   A frequent cause of postural imbalance that can put stress on the knees is a misalignment of the pelvis or spinal bones, called a vertebral subluxation.

   A vertebral subluxation is where one or more bones of the spine or pelvis are twisted or shoved forward and locked out of normal position. The body is forced to orient itself in an abnormal, imbalance position, similar to trying to stand on uneven ground. What we have found is that, often, pain begins to develop near the area of the subluxation, maybe the mid or lower back, and can travel down the leg.

   The natural thing for us to do is to favor the side in pain. We try to compensate by shifting all our weight to the other "good" leg.

   That leg bears the burden of too much of the body's weight and, often, the knee starts to hurt. We end up shifting our weight and the painful burden back and forth, whether we know it or not. If the subluxation is left uncorrected for any length of time that overburdened knee may become swollen, inflamed, or even give out.

   Another situation that can overburden the knees involves the way we stand. If the support we stand on, namely the feet are not stable, then there is a chain of events which may also involve the lower back, and often the knees.

   Pronation of the inside of the feet, sometimes called "fallen arches" can create or worsen imbalances farther up on the skeleton. In certain situations, shoe inserts must be worn to assist proper alignment, in effect, shoring up a crooked foundation.

   Chiropractors are well-trained detectives when searching for the "culprit" of knee pain. Chiropractors are also experts at helping you shore up the foundation and rebalancing your body through realigning the spinal bones and removing the burden on the knees.

   Call us today so we can get a fresh start on your case.

  Help stop making victims of your knees.


Happy Birthday Chiropractic!


SEPTEMBER 18, 1895


On September 18, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa, chiropractic was born!


   David Daniel Palmer had opened an office, devoted to magnetic healing, in 1887. In Palmer's building, was a janitorial service, owned by Harvey Lillard. Lillard, who had been deaf for 17 years was asked by Palmer how he had become deaf. Lillard replied that one day, when he had strained his back, he heard something "pop" in his back.

   Palmer examined Lillard's back and found a spinal vertebrae out of position. Reasoning that this was the cause of Lillard's deafness, Palmer thrust the vertebrae back into place. And, as he expected. Lillard's hearing improved.