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Spinal Health


A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 22  No. 6



   Ear problems can be excruciatingly painful, especially in children. Ear infections are the most common illness affecting babies and young children and the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician accounting for more than 35 percent of all pediatric visits.

   Almost half of all children will have at least one middle ear infection before they're a year old, and two-thirds of them will have had at least one such infection by age 3. The symptoms can include ear pain, fever, and irritability. Otitis media can be either bacterial or viral in origin, and frequently results from another illness such as a cold. For many children, it can become a chronic problem, requiring treatment year after year and putting the child at risk of permanent hearing damage and associated speech and developmental problems.

   Standard treatment for most cases of otitis media is with antibiotics, which can be effective if the culprit is bacterial (antibiotics, of course, do nothing to fight off viruses). But, according to many research studies, antibiotics are often not much more effective than the body's own immune system. Frequent ear  infections are also the second most common reason for surgery in children under 2 (with circumcision being the first). In severe cases for example,  when fluids from an ear infection haven't cleared from the ear after several months and hearing is affected specialists sometimes prescribe myringotomy and tympanostomy, more commonly known as "ear tubes." The tube relieves pressure in the ear and prevents repeated fluid buildup with the continuous venting of fresh air.

   In most cases, the membrane pushes the tube out after a couple of months and the hole in the eardrum closes and it has to be repeated in some 20 to 30 percent of cases. This surgery requires general anesthesia, never a minor thing in a small child. If the infection persists even after tube placement and removal, children sometimes undergo adenoids.)

   Before yet another round of "maybe-they'll-work-and-maybe-they-won't" antibiotics or the drastic step of surgery, more parents are considering chiropractic to help children with chronic ear infections. Dr. Joan Fallon, a chiropractor who practices in Yonkers, New York, has published research showing that, after receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments, nearly 80 percent of the children treated were free of ear infections for at least the six-month period following their initial visits (a period that also included maintenance treatments every four to six weeks). "Chiropractic mobilizes drainage of the ear in children and, if they can continue to drain without a buildup of fluid and subsequent infection, they build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly," explains Dr. Fallon.




   Neuritis means that nerves in some part of your body are inflamed. This pain associated with nerve inflammation is called neuralgia. Neuralgia is often discussed when a patient comes in complaining of back or neck pain. Pain is the alarm clock going off.

   A simple, specific spinal exam can determine what is causing the inflammation and pain. If there are vertebrae that need to be realigned, only a chiropractor can do it. Chiropractors are the specialists in this. No amount of massage, medication, or exercise can do what needs to be done if your spinal bones are locked out of normal position.

   Often, spinal adjustments relieve the cause of the inflammation and pain and allow the body to function more normally. We are sounding the alarm. We hope you will know it isn't a false alarm next time you have neck or back pain and have your spine checked.




   I am an adult and was just told I have scoliosis. How could this be? I went through the same scoliosis screenings in school that everyone went through and nothing was ever found! Also, what about my kids! Will they get scoliosis and how do I find out earlier!

   It's a hard thing to find out, as an adult, something that should have undergone correction when you were a child. Unfortunately, only the more sever cases of scoliosis can be detected in the general screenings most kids experience I'm sorry that your scoliosis was left to progress. We chiropractors evaluate the spine for scoliosis, the abnormal side-to-side curvature of the spine, every day we see patients.

   Though scoliosis affects more girls than boys, every child should be checked by a chiropractor for abnormal spinal structure and mobility. It isn't a one-minute once over. This special chiropractic check-up is much more complete and thorough and small defects in structure can be discovered.

   How prevalent is scoliosis and what does it do to the body!

   It is estimated that well over 50% of people suffer some degree of spinal curvature. When a spine suffers this kind of twisted curvature, a great deal of stress and abnormal function occurs in the body. The ability of the nerve system to coordinate and control all structures in the body is negatively affected. Worst of all, even the slightest scoliosis tends to progress with time, if not corrected.

   How is it treated!

   Chiropractic adjustments correct the source of the curvature without the social trauma and physical discomfort wearing a brace or surgery can cause a young person.

   Fortunately, children generally require a shorter plan of corrective care than do most adults. With time and repetition using gentle, natural, and specific spinal adjustments almost everyone of any age can see improvement in scoliosis with chiropractic care. Years of training in detection of abnormal curvature makes chiropractors the "go to guys" for evaluating spines for scoliosis and working to correct abnormal curvature.




   Most of us, at one time or another, have experienced the dreadful feelings of depression. Depression can be triggered by a multitude of things and events. Some of these are: death of a loved one, divorce, business failure, financial problems, loss of friendships for varied and unknown reasons, and overwhelming trails and tribulations... even reading a sad book or watching an emotional movie. 

   When our life is overflowing with these problems and tribulations, all it may take to throw us into a melancholy mood is an unkind word, a telephone call (or lack of one), an unbalanced diet, or the absence of a friend at a party. 

   We are especially vulnerable to these depressive triggers during the holiday season when experiencing the absence of close friends and loved ones. 

   When a person goes in to a state of depression, the glandular system has secreted hormones which have modified the body's physiology and upset the nervous system producing states of anxiety or lethargy. 

   The excessive intake of nerve-disturbing chemicals such as sugars, drugs and holiday drinks also overload the body's nervous system, which along with the above, can result in spinal muscle contractions (stress) and create vertebral subluxations.  

   These depressing chemicals can be continually increased by the individual's overindulgence in rich foods and stressful situations. 

   Under normal circumstances, the body's filtration system will gradually filter out the depressing chemicals over a period of hours or days.


   What To Do If The Depression Persists:


 The individual can shorten recovery time  considerably with a cleansing diet and by using regular exercise to speed up the filtration and burn up these excess chemicals which contribute to the depression. Other action steps patients can take to hasten their recovery are: doing daily kind deeds in secret and participating in recreational activities.  

   And last, but not least, to help in the recovery from depression are chiropractic tune-ups (spinal adjustments). Because all of the body's functions are regulated and controlled by the nervous system, chiropractic treatment will help rebalance the glandular  system and stimulate the eliminative system to assist in the speedier removal of depressing chemicals. 

   Give us a call today, we would love to be of assistance!