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Knee Pain

  • My Knee Hurts When I first Get up.

  • My Knee Hurts Toward The End Of The Day.

  • My Knee Hurts At Night.

  • My Knee Hurts When I Walk A Lot.

  • My Knee Hurts When I Stand a Lot.

  • My Knee Hurts When I Kneel On It.

  • My Knee Hurts When I Crouch.

  • My Knee Hurts!

   Whatever the time, position, or activity that triggers pain in the knee,there are usually underlying factors which have contributed to the pain.

   There is a small percentage of bone-crushing, tendon-tearing injuries from playing football or from being mangled in an auto accident or other such serve injury. But the largest percentage of chronic knee soreness, stiffness, aches and pains are often due to structural and/or neurological problems.

   Spinal curvatures can cause an uneven distribution of weight down the leg to the knee, ankle and foot.

   Excess weight distribution to either the inside or outside of the knee joint over an extended period of time can produce recurring and chronic aches and pains. This uneven weights distribution may also be evidenced by an uneven wearing of the shoes such as wearing more on the outside or inside of the sole, or more on the heel or on the toe.

   Another visual indicator for a possible contributing factor to knee problems from structural  imbalance may appear when the individual lies on their back on a firm bed with their shoes on and their feet hanging off the edge of the bed. Look for one leg being turned in or out more than the other. A neurological contributing factor to knee problems can be due to an irritation of the nerves in the lower back which supply the leg, including the knee.

   This may or may not be evidenced by occasional aches or pains in the lower back. Whether the contributing factors be structural imbalances or pressure on spinal nerves in the lower back, chiropractic treatment is the treatment of choice. Without proper treatment, it will not get better, call for an appointment.




   Doctors of Chiropractic have always recognized that women face many health problems unique to them because of their female physiology, including the fact that their bodies are designed to be able to bear children. Pregnancy and the menstrual cycle are two of the most important health matters for women. Pregnancy and it's recovery, pain during the menstrual period (dysmenn

orrhea), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and chronic pelvic pain are four of the most distressing conditions that are unique to the female body that chiropractic can help with.

   Chiropractic has been shown to lesson the discomfort of dysmenorrhea and chronic pelvic pain. Also, More and more women are interested in diet, nutrition, weight loss, and methods for maintaining wellness and general fitness something chiropractors have considerable knowledge about and we are eager to share with our patients.

   Increasing numbers of women are relying on chiropractic because of the caring interaction that develops between patient and doctor and especially because of the chiropractor's effective combination of expert diagnosis, effect spinal adjustments, and exercise guidance that many women are seeking from their health care providers.

   Give us a call if you are concerned about any of these issues.




   Many patients, with regular chiropractic care, have found permanent relief from those nasty headaches. Headaches can be caused by an irritation of the nerves in the neck. When these nerves are inflamed or pinched due to spinal bone misalignments, they are irritated and headaches can be the result.

   Often the sufferer does not realize that they have may have an injured neck. The only connection between the head and body is subject to muscular stresses due to minor whiplash injuries and spinal misalignments.

   Our nerves and blood vessels go through small openings between the vertebrae in the neck. The size of the openings is reduced when a spinal bone is out of place, reducing the blood flow and nerve impulses going to and from the brain. This impingement can cause headache pain!

   Chiropractors are trained to detect such misalignments and can correct them with gentle spinal adjustments. Call today for an appointment so we can help try and relieve those nasty headaches!!




   Migraine headaches are characterized by horrible pain, frequently associated with light and sound sensitivity and nausea, and are often preceded by some trigger which might be food or alcohol, medication, stress, or even a smell. Migraine headaches are a horrible affliction. Chiropractic care is making headway against migraine headache pain.

   A scientific study was conducted at the Chiropractic Research Center of Macquarie University. The study was specifically designed to assess the usefulness of chiropractic adjustments (also called spinal manipulative therapy) in the treatment of migraine. The results look very promising for migraine sufferers. The study lasted six months. Chiropractic care lasted only two months with no more than 16 adjustments per participant. (The other four months involved data collection.)

   The average response of the treatment group showed statistically results in that they had fewer migraines of shorter duration with less disability and decreased use of medication when compared to the control group that did not receive chiropractic  adjustments.

   The conclusions in this study show that chiropractic frequently helps with migraines. A high percentage (greater than 80%) of participants pointed to stress as a prime factor for their migraines.

   Researchers concluded that chiropractic  seems to have an effect on the physical conditions related to stress. The stress that chiropractors are most familiar with involves a misaligned or struck vertebra in the spine which creates a combination of neurological, muscular, and chemical malfunctions which can create the pain of migraine as well as other headaches and conditions.

   Chiropractors work to carefully and precisely move the vertebrae back into normal position with proper function and the pain clears up. The researchers in this study concluded that when those affected undergo a systematic plan of chiropractic care, the effects of migraine are significantly reduced.

   Let us help you make headway against your migraine headaches.


It could be slippery out there.


Watch your step!


   Slips and falls account for about 30% of all reported injuries. We should always look before we step, establish firm footing and be aware of changing conditions. A simple misstep could cause much damage. If you have an injury from a slip and fall, call us we would love to help.