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A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 23  No.3



Slipped Disk  


   Is there such a thing!


   "Slipped disc", a term you have probably heard before. "Slipped disc", illustrates a condition where the pad of tissue between two spinal bones is shifted out of normal position. We won't get too scientific, but you deserve to know more than just "TV commercial" version of what happens to a damaged disc. We feel it will help you see how chiropractic is THE method to correct a complex, serious and painful problem.

   Discs are important and useful when healthy. The disc allow the spine to support body movement and keep the spinal bones from grinding together as we load a dish washer or swing a golf club. When the discs are in proper position, they act as shock absorbers, so when we jump down stairs or spend the day standing, the spinal bones don't crunch together. The discs join the spine into a functioning, flexible unit that carries and supports us. The discs also assist the spinal bones to properly protect the delicate spinal cord, the body's critical information network.

   Vertebral discs are layered between the stacked spinal bones. the outside sleeves of the discs are made of elastic mesh-like tissue that is actually fused into the adjoining vertebrae, the spinal bones. Inside this elastic webbing is a gel-like hydraulic system, which is 88% water, and helps react to compression.

   Any injury or over-stressing of the spinal unit affects the discs. Misalignments of the spinal bones results in decreased function of the discs, which react to injury by losing their all-important elasticity. Discs are designed to bounce back after stress, but what if the vertebra above the disc kinks upward, hinge-like, and the lower one drops down the other way and they get stuck out of place? The squeezed out disc is just not equipped to handle this kind of distress for long and the effect is damage, less flexibility and pain.

   The squeezing of the disc to the point that it bulges out past the sides of the vertebrae is what is considered "slipped." "Bulge" is a more accurate term. It better describes what happens. The surgical view is to cut the part that is bulging out past the normal position. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) limits its endorsement of surgery as the answer. We in chiropractic feel a much more conservative approach is the first method to address a bulging disc.

   The answer is to work to realign the cock-eyed, locked out and misaligned vertebral bones that are keeping the stress on the discs. Taking the pressure off them allows them to return to normal position and assists in their healing back to their proper shock absorbing function. For over 100 years, chiropractors have been fixing "slipped" and bulging discs... not matter what you call them, call us. We can help.





   After being involved in a minor accident, and because we didn't  sustain any cuts bruises or fractures, we come away thankful that we "weren't really hurt."

   When in reality, sometimes weeks or months later, we begin to experience symptoms of headaches, backaches, pain and numbness that we never had before.

   Following one of these bloodless, fracture less types of injuries, it is not unusual for the injured to be told that the lingering discomfort (like their bruises and abrasions) will soon pass. And when the discomfort doesn't pass or go away by itself, we are told, "you'll just have to learn to live with it."

   The skeletal frame of an automobile. If the frame of the auto has been bent or misaligned, it may not be readily apparent to the owner, especially after the dents and scratches have been removed. But months later, we notice that the tires are ruined by the uneven wear due to the misalignment of the care frame.

   Accidental injuries caused by lifting, straining, slipping, falling, being hit, knocked down and whip lashed, will very often jar or pull the spine out of its normal alignment, squeezing or pinching nerves.

   Left untreated, these so-called minor injuries can become chronically severe and disabling. If not reported immediately and attended to within a reasonably short period of time, treatment costs become the responsibility of the injured (you).

   Chiropractic treatment of these types of injuries is covered by most accident insurance polices. To substantiate the injury, everyone involved in these types of injuries should have their spine checked. the sooner- the better!





  We understand that there are lots of questions that you may have about the care that we are pleased to provide to you and your family.

   We have friendly and knowledgeable staff that are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you to be confident that you are receiving the best care when you visit us.

   Many of our patients have questions about their insurance coverage. Insurance plans vary based on your plan and provider. We are here to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit from your insurance overage. About 90% of insurance plans cover chiropractic care, it is very likely your is one of them.

   A common concern regarding whether a chronic back problem should be addressed by a medical doctor. we believe in non-invasive treatment by spinal manipulation that will allow natural healing to take place. Therefore we believe the best approach is to explore these great options first. If we are unable to help you, not only is it our policy to refer you to someone that can, but it is the right thing to do.

   Ultimately we care about your health and we are committed to do what's right for each patient.

   These two are just a couple of the concerns or questions you may have. I know there are many other questions we could cover but please know that our office is open and available to answer any questions you have.

   There is no "dumb" question. There is only a smiling face waiting to give you the help you need.




   We are extremely busy these days. Work, family, soccer practice, dance lessens; and that's just a start to our week. It's no wonder that we fail to find time to get in much needed exercise.

   How many times have you or someone you know decide, "I'm getting into shape?" Then try to jump form couch potato to Olympic athlete in one giant leap. It just doesn't work that way!

   Americans are increasingly overweight and inactive. Walking is a great way to break that inactivity and get started on the road to better health and fitness.

   Walking is a moderate, well balanced exercise. It is almost impossible to over-walk. Walking a little everyday will prepare your body for increased strenuous exercise when ever it is required.

   Some will try to "get up early and get in a jog" when they are out of shape and overweight. Not only is this danger to your health, you will quickly discouraged with it and likely quit exercising.

   Walking is a good total-body exercise. It tones muscles burns off excess energy and fat, and induces proper breathing. It gives you an opportunity to breathe in a greater quantity of fresh air and simulates blood circulation. Walking can also induce better eating habits.

   Walking is also one of  the most natural things you can do. It gives mobility, muscular coordination, and aids natural body functions. Also, it's a healthy exercise for all ages.

   Walking trails are prevalent in most cities and are a great place to visit.

   A good idea is to walk through your neighborhood. You will be busy looking at your neighbors lawns and flowers and it makes the walk that much more entertaining and rewarding. You will find it easier to walk longer when your mind is occupied instead of thinking of your easy chair and nice big glass of tea.




   Did You Know?

   For chronic low back pain patients, chiropractic "maintenance care" cuts acute flare-ups in half.

   Over the course of nine months, chronic low back pain patients who received regular chiropractic care (one treatment every three weeks) noted more than 50% fewer significantly painful episodes.

   Chiropractic care restores the communication of the nervous system to the many parts of your body. This allows your body to do what it does best, use it's amazing self-defense and healing systems to do their work.

   Injured chiropractic patients return to work faster. Injured workers who undergo chiropractic care of lower back pain miss an average of 25 day of work, which is 86% less than the 175 day average for medical care.

   Why spend one more day dealing with pain when there is a better way?

   If you know someone who has suffered an injury, please let them know about the benefits of chiropractic care and have them call our office immediately.