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Spinal Health


A Newsletter Promoting the Healing Power of Chiropractic Care.

                                                                     Volume 24  No. 4



   Nearly eight out of every ten people will have back and neck problems during their lifetime.

Seven million new victims join their ranks each year. Five million of these are partly disabled in that they can work but are physically limited. Two million are unable to work at all.

   Some of the major contributing factors behind summertime back and neck pain problems are too little exercise, to much sitting, too much weight and too much stress.

   On top of being out of shape and out of condition, most summer time athletes don't usually do warm-ups and stretching exercises before participating in good ole sports activities.

   It is hard for most of us to believe that our muscles and joints aren't in just as good a condition this summer as they have been in summers past.

   But when we push our body's joints and muscles beyond their aging and unconditioned limits, injuries to tend to happen.

   This summer, literally thousands of unconditioned and out of shape backyard sports enthusiasts will incur musculoskeletal injuries. Many of them will hardly be aware of the extent of their injury until days, weeks or even months after the injury.

   After being physically clobbered at the picnic ball game and we're asked "Are you Okay?" We almost always say, "I'm Okay," as we cover up our hurts and brush ourselves off.

   For the next few days we are aware of the soreness and stiffness and anticipate that the symptoms will go away with a little time.

   However, when the skeletal framework has been jolted out of its normal alignment and the muscles are unable to pull the skeleton, especially the spine, back into balance, muscle soreness and stiffness can last indefinitely with the possibility of  the symptoms becoming rheumatoid or arthritic in nature. Gentle spinal adjustments are generally all that is needed to help bring the spine and skeleton back into normal alignment.

   To help prevent summertime back and neck injuries, it is important to keep ourselves in shape with a regular exercise routine. And then, before participating in any sports activities, be sure to do warm-up and stretching exercises.




   There is an increased awareness among the general public to seek out the aid of a doctor of chiropractic for treatment of symptoms due to injuries received in an auto accident.

   Insurance companies also realize the effectiveness of chiropractic care involving whiplash and musculoskeletal injuries and routinely cover these costs for care of the injured.

   According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "More than 80 percent of all car crashes occur at speeds less than 10 m.p.h. Fatalities involving non-belted occupants of cars have been recorded as low as 12 m.p.h. That's about the speed you'd be driving in a parking lot".

   The above figures indicate that the amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the severity of the injury to its occupants. People involved in "minor" accidents tend to believe that the accident couldn't effect them very much either. NOT TRUE!

   Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms following an auto accident should come into our office for a check-up and to establish a confirmation of the injury before signing any insurance release papers. Also, the sooner they injury is treated, the faster the healing response.


Headaches, Headaches, Ache allover, Numbness in limbs, Fatigue, Stiff or painful neck, Bursitis, Nausea, Neuritis, Dizziness, Tendonitis, Double Vision, Loss of neck motion, Back pain, Blackouts, Muscle spasm, Muscle swelling, Nervousness, Tingling in limbs, Loss of balance, Insomnia, Loss of hearing, Pinched nerves, Cold hands or feet, Ringing in ears, Shortness of breath, Irritability, Poor memory, Mental dullness, Anxiety, Tremor, Eye straining, Rapid heartbeat, Constipation, Depression, Diarrhea, Painful joints.

   If you have been in an auto accident regardless how minor you feel it is. Please call our office and set a time to see us immediately. You will not be sorry for being careful.

   If you know someone in an accident give them our number so we can help.




   Why not start the upcoming school year out right for your children? Let us give them a spinal check-up!

   Children are very physically active and experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living as well as from participating in sports.

   Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient. It is a highly skilled treatment, and in the case of children, very gentle.

   If your child's spine is out of alignment, should you seek help? How do you know if the child's spine is out of alignment?

   Does your child tilt his/her head to one side most of the time? Check the level of the ears.

   Does your child carry one shoulder higher then the other?

   Does your child appear to have one leg shorter than the other? to find out, have your child lie across the bed with his shoes on. If one heel appears to be shorter than the other, then they more than likely need chiropractic treatment.

   these are all signs of structural problems that can cause nerve interferences or subluxations. Balance needs to be established to free up nerve pathways by correcting spinal subluxations.

   A subluxation is when one or more vertebrae are out of  their normal alignment or fixated so as to interfere with the normal flow of nerve energy between the brain and spinal nerves supplying the organs and functions of the body.

   Spinal subluxations in children can result in growing pains (leg pains), chronic headaches, allergies, ear infections bed-wetting irritability, etc.

   All children should have regular spinal check-ups. call for an appointment.





   It's summer time so let the fun begin.

   The time of year for outside activities are upon us. Isn't it great to get out and walk, play golf, go swimming and do all those things in the sunshine.

   With all the fun we need to be careful of the increased potential of hurting ourselves.

   to avoid slips and falls follow these four keys:

   1. Look before you step. Be sure that you are aware of your path and any obstructions or low clearance in front of you.

   2. Establish firm footing. Especially hiking or any outdoor activity, make sure your feet are firmly planted on stable conditions

   3. Watch and adjust for changing conditions. A sprinkler can make a sidewalk very wet and slippery.

   4. Wear proper shoes for the occasion. Makes sure they have good support and proper traction in the soles.

   There are approximately 1000 waterslides throughout the U.S. they are one of the biggest growth items in the amusement park business.

   Riders slide down a curving, Steep chute on a sheet of water at speeds of up to 20 miles and hour. Besides experiencing the exhilarating speed, adults as well as children have also experienced concussions, fractured vertebrae, bruises, sprains and various forms of back injuries.

   Approximately thirty percent of emergency room admissions from amusement parks are caused by water slides.

   If you must tempt injury be riding a water slide, don't ride in tandem with other daredevils. It increases the risk of back injuries. Remember, as you slide off to fun and glory, if you ever need us we are only a phone call away.